Nitsche’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, March 1 2016

Every year for the past 15 years (!!), Nitsche, a civil engineering firm, has held Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. They reach out to their clients and the public to have girls in grades 6-12 participate in a day of education about becoming an engineer. Even though they’re a civil engineering firm, every year they choose a difference discipline of engineering to introduce the girls to. This year, it was computer engineering and computer science, and I was one of five panelists talking to the girls about our paths and careers. (I found out about the opportunity through the She Geeks Out slack group). Kudos to Nitsche for assembling a panel of diverse speakers.
This was my first time speaking in front of large group (over 100 girls!). I was definitely a bit nervous but overall it was a run experience. My biggest piece of advice to them was that they don’t need to just want to study tech – tech goes hand in hand with virtually any other interest. The girls had a TON of questions and I hope we ~planted seeds~ in their minds to want to think about a career in STEM.


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